Iris Gillon, IGMC JAMROCK NEW YORK'S MOST JAMMIN' ROCKIN' & HAPPENIN' BAND! JAMROCK is New York’s most JAMMIN' and most ROCKIN' band! Come see us perform live for yourself! We go from 6-26 players - see our JAMROCK ORCHESTRA with our full band, adding strings, horns, gospel singers and more. We are flexible and we are truly one of NYC's top party and event entertainment bands. We look forward to performing for your event and getting phone a call to chat about how we can fulfill your event needs, down to the smallest detail! Call us for a GREAT MUSICAL EXPERIENCE! 201-836-6085 / 212-765-8714 We look forward to performing at your event and literally raising the roof off the house! Or if you prefer something more relaxed, we can do that too. We are flexible and play a HUGE variety of styles, check out our repertoire list and see for yourself! IGMC presents: New York best wedding bands, 80's and classics classic rock band for weddings and parties and events elegant band for events event management event production music musicians incredible singers horns horn section famous saxaphonist billy joel New York wedding band, wedding bands manhattan, best wedding bands in NY, best wedding bands NJ, NY wedding bands, NY wedding bands, wedding bands in NJ, wedding bands new jersey, wedding orchestras, NY orchestras, NY bands, bands new jersey, bands for events, NY, New York swing bands, billy joel New York wedding events, NY wedding events, wedding events NJ, NY reception, NY reception music, reception music in NJ, wedding events in new jersey, wedding events in new jersey, wedding events new jersey, wedding events NY, Billy Joel, New York wedding wedding bands are available for a variety of shows, events and celebrations, including Weddings, Corporate Events, Fundraisers and Charities Parties, Social and Corporate Galas of all kinds, with performances customized to YOUR specific musical needs! We play a mix of original material to a mix of classic rock, rock and roll, pop, rhythm and blues and more! Rock, Classic Rock, 80's hits, 80's dance music, most popular dance band for classics rock classics mtv music mtv hits current dance and more.We also play all the 40's standards, big band, swing, be-bop, lindy hop, blue-grass, top-40 dance music from all eras, current hits and more.

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Dear Iris and JAMROCK,

Where do I begin? Your music was great! Your Lighting was over-the-top! Everyone danced the ENTIRE night! Thank you SO much for making my Dream Wedding a reality! Iris you especially are really terrific! I dont know how I would have gone through the planning without you! I am so happy I had you there every step of the way and I love the fact that you were constantly on top of everything and before I even said "boo" you knew what I wanted and when I wanted it, so sensitive to my words and so carefully listening to my detailed requests. Jamrock, you guys are sensational! Your performance was wonderful! You guys exceeded my expectations, I knew you were awesome when I met you... but WOW! I have received so many compliments for the band, I will definetly be recommending you guys to everyone I know!

Again Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Julia & Evan


 Dear Iris,

What a night! Jamrock was fantastic! I did not expect the dance floor to be so packed! Even my 85 year old Grandmother was on the dance floor all night long and the band was so awesome to play all of her song requests at the same time as keeping all my 28 year-old friends on the dance floor at the same time. I never believed that making me happy at the same time as playing songs for my parents and their friends and my Grand Parents and their friends, well, who would have thought it was possible? Everyone of all ages loved Jamrock!My biggest concern prior to the wedding was getting a band that would appeal to everyone and sure enough Jamrock did! Many thanks to you & Jamrock for a job very-well done!


Tiffany & Joel


 Dear Iris,

Thanks for hooking us up with the JAMROCK BAND! We had a great night. All our friends and family were complimenting us all night long about how much fun Jamrock made the party and well, we had a really great time! Please convey our thanks to the band for working so hard to rev up our party and for playing all our song requests, every last one of them and also please thank them for doing a great job.


Randi and Bill


 Dear Jamrock Band,

Thank you so much for taking our party to levels we didn't expect or even dare to hope for! We knew you were a great band when we sat down with Iris and watched your video and other performances, but we didn't dare to imagine how much fun you would actually be in person. I know you worked really hard, I saw the sweat rolling down your faces and I know the heat was killing you, and yet you guys didn't flinch, you just kept going, even when our guests thought they would die from the heat, even they kept dancing and it is all because of you! We never expected the room to be so hot and well you guys rose to the occaision and I'm very greatful and even though we were both sweaty and hot the entire night could have been miserable for all, you guys saved the evening. With your enthusiasm and fun attitudes, no one even felt the heat and we all had a great time. Thanks for saving the day! Thank you so much for stepping up and saving our party!


Very gratefully yours,

Pete and Margie


 Dear Iris,

Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf to make our wedding day the success that it was. Looking back we now know we could never have achieved the results that we got on our own. We are so happy that we found you! Thanks especially for recommending that we hire JAMROCK to perform for our reception. We couldn't be happier and that includes both of our parents and all of their work associates and friends, not to mention cousins, uncles, aunts and the famillies. Everyone was showering us with compliments all night long on the band and thanks also for doing such a great job with the lighting. We were worried about how the room would look and well, the changing colors and rhythmic pulsing of the moving lights over the band truly made the visual look of the room and our party much more exciting than it would have been otherwise. Great advice Iris!


We will be in touch to use you guys again through the years as we throw other parties. After experiencing your professionalism, your obvious concern and caring about how we feel and our outcomes, we will definately be putting you in charge of all our social and business events in the years to come.

Thanks again for all your help, your patience, your professionalism and your quick response time for all our special requests and party needs. We'll be in touch! Please give JAMROCK our best and our thanks!


Amanda and Carl


 Dear Iris, Jamrock, Donka, Lighting Crew, Flowers and all,

You all did a great job! From beginning to the end. From the flowers, the lighting, the band, the classical mini-orchestra, the sound, the look, the feel, the everything of our celebration hit the mark 100% from start to finnish. We just don't have words to describe our gratitude at your hard work and dedication to making this day so special for us, bottom line, you guys really care about the quality of your work and it showed! We thank you all from all our famillies that invested in making this dream day come true for us, we all thank you for making us feel special, making us feel cared about and mostly for how perfectly everything unfolded, better than expected. Thank you all!


Hoping to see you at our Anniversary next year!

Mike and Susan


 Dear Iris and Carolina,

Thanks so much for taking such good care of us and our party from beginning to end! JAMROCK was FABULOUS all night long everyone was on the dance floor and complimenting the band and the singers. They were truly wonderful and Swang? What a hoot he was! Breeze? Fabulous! The girls were beautiful in their matching gowns and not only was the band as elegant as our wedding but the band pulled it off, elegance and fun at the same time. It was great! The lighting was a good idea girls! Thanks for pushing me to do it, I think it really enhanced the overall look and feel of the reception and made the dance floor much more exciting. Carolina, thanks for your hard work all day long by my side. I could not have gotten through this day without you!

Big hugs and thanks to the band and please find our tips enclosed!

Jessica and Ted



You guys were great!

I'm not very good with words, so please just accept this very big tip as a sign of our appreciation for making our party a really good party.

Please confirm receipt of our tip-check enclosed.

Thank You for a great job done.

Ari and Danielle


Dear Donka, Iris and JAMROCK,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write but after our honeymoon (which by the way was soooo incredible I cannot begin to tell you...) I just got caught up with work and live and getting pregnant and well... being married has made me too busy for words!

So that being said, I just wanted to take this time to thank you all for making my wedding day the best day of my life! You went so out of your way to make me feel special, to make me feel cared about and to help my nerves and well and then the band. Jeez! They were so much fun! We had just the best time all day long and Donka, thanks for being there for me and calming down and making me laugh every time I got out of hand. I really appreciate that you kept me laughing and made the whole process fun. I feel so badly that I haven't written till now as I know you all worked really hard to make everything special for us.

Please accept our thanks and appreciation for a great job done and I'm going to send you pictures as soon as the baby is born! Benny is going to be in touch about his company holiday party, he's going to try to get them to hire JAMROCK for dance party. I hope they go for it as the band they had last year wasn't even close to JAMROCK!

Thanks again for everything!

Linda and Ben


Dear Iris,

Please tell tell the band a big THANK YOU from us for sending our guests into fun-land all night long. We had a great time and their performance was PERFECT! Even the caterer said it was the best band that ever played at their facility and they get bands there from all over the world. They were asking ME for their business cards!

Well, I didn't have any, so you should give them a call over there and give them your number as I think they were pretty impressed by the quality of the band and the great job you all did with our reception.

Thanks for your patience with my nerves the two weeks before the wedding, I know I must have been impossible and I thank you for your sense of humor and holding onto the phone and helping me breath and calm down and stop worrying. Not only was the band a great success but I realize the time and efforts you went to before the big day in making me feel relaxed over and over and over again. I'm almost embarassed at how I leaned on you, so, thanks Iris, and thanks to Jamrock too!

Emily and Mark


JAMROCK is New Yorks most JAMMIN' and most ROCKIN' band! Come see us perform live for yourself! We go from 6-26 players - see our JAMROCK ORCHESTRA with our full band, adding strings, horns, gospel singers and more. We are flexible and we are truly one of NYC's top party and event entertainment bands. We look forward to performing for your event and getting phone a call to chat about how we can fulfill your event needs, down to the smallest detail! Call us for a GREAT MUSICAL EXPERIENCE!

201-836-6085 / 212-765-8714


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